Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko's response to the media question

Question: Accusations that Russia “undermines the British democracy” and was somehow involved in the result of the Brexit referendum appear more and more often in the British media. How could you comment on that?

Response: In fact, there are persistent attempts to impose on the British public opinion the notion of Russia standing behind the outcomes of the EU membership referendum. We believe these accusations are outright insulting, both for the British political leadership as well as for the British people. The idea to launch the referendum didn’t come from Russia – it was a key promise in David Cameron’s election campaign in 2015, and, making that promise, he didn’t seem to think much about Russia. At the referendum, the British voters used their legal right to decide, and to speak of Russian intervention is incorrect here, at the very least.

As we see that Brexit talks turn into the main foreign policy challenge for London, the temptation is obviously there to find a scapegoat, a third party responsible for all, in this case Russia. This is totally unacceptable. Russia doesn’t intervene into internal affairs of other states, and this is a key principle of our foreign policy. I am calling on the unscrupulous journalists and politicians: stop imposing this fake agenda, don’t try to solve your problems at our expense!