Back to basics in international relations (letter by Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko for Evening Standard, published on 17 January 2017)

Recently we have seen a trend of questioning electoral outcomes in Western nations under the pretext of undue outside interference, first of all “Russian influence”. It follows that outcome of the June referendum in Britain could be also challenged on those grounds. Not all find it preposterous. But will of the people is expressed within domestic environment.

It is the logic of independence and sovereignty which are key in  international relations. So, the Cold War represented an ideological time warp. It appears that confounding values and interests in world affairs is over. We are back to basics, i.e. the Westphalian principles, born out of the Wars of Religion. Post-Cold War peace, equally, can only be won collectively on that basis.

Russia, having shed any ideology, is willing to cooperate in resolving international crises on mutually agreed terms. That means joint analysis, decisions and actions all the way through. As simple as that.