Confirmation of the settled, pre-settled status of EU citizens

EU citizens residing in the UK, who currently do not need a residence permit, faced additional requirements when submitting documents for a Russian visa and travel to Russia. In this regard, the Consular Section decided to accept a printout from the Home Office website explaining their settled or pre-settled status. Since a simple printout cannot be perceived as an official document, both when applying for a visa and crossing the Russian border, citizens who do not have a residence permit were advised to contact British notaries/solicitors to certify the information on the settled or pre-settled status. Notaries/solicitors are authorized to check such information on the Home Office website.

Non-UK citizens who, due to various circumstances, do not have time or cannot certify the above printout by British notaries/solicitors, as an exception, can certify this document at the Consular Section from 9:00 to 10:00 without appointment. They must personally give the so-called "share code", to the consular officer to check and certify the respective information. A consular fee (14£) must be paid in cash. Needless to say that an ID must be provided.