Embassy comment on the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office statement concerning “Russia’s malign cyber activity”


We consider the FCDO statement of 15 April on “malign activity by Russian intelligence services in cyberspace” as nothing but an attempt to play along with the US, which as usually try to put a blame on Russia while obviously failing to ensure their own cyber security.

Yet again, the United Kingdom continues to resort to unfounded accusations in a “highly likely”-style without providing any serious, let alone solid, evidence. The situation has also been used to advertise Britain’s own cyber capabilities, as the generous financing of National Cyber Security Centre, National Cyber Force and other similar bodies requires a steady external threat as a justification.

It is worth recalling that Russia has made several proposals to our British colleagues on different levels to hold constructive expert discussions on the most acute cyber security issues – something much-needed for our countries as well as for the international community. Regrettably, even on the doctrinal level, the United Kingdom leaves no chance for a dialogue with the Russian Side on matters of common interest.

Many questions can also be raised concerning the advanced offensive cyber capabilities that the British authorities deliberately and tirelessly boast of. Taking into account the existing political guidelines on Russia, the capabilities might pose a national security threat to our country.

Clearly the United Kingdom is willing to assert itself as an important international actor in the post-Brexit era. Well, it is up to the British authorities to do so. Still we consider their attempts to self-assert through damaging bilateral relations with Russia to be extremely shortsighted.

15 April 2021, 22:15