Embassy comment to The Times newspaper on disinformation allegations

The suggestion that the Russian State may conduct any kind of propaganda against the AstraZeneca vaccine is itself an example of disinformation.

It is obviously aimed at discrediting Russia’s efforts in combating the pandemic, including the good cooperation we have established with the UK in this field.

This cooperation includes joint efforts in repatriating our respective citizens, but also collaboration on vaccine development. AstraZeneca works long time and is very well known and respected in the Russian Federation. Russia has agreed a contract on obtaining a certain amount of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Plans are also for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be partly produced in Russia itself, alongside with the Sputnik V, and some others. We stand for variety of vaccines to be applied against this terrible disease.

The Covid pandemic is a common threat, and both the Russian and the British governments are committed to combating it in a depoliticised manner. We hope that The Times shares this ambition.

15 October 2020, 17:55