Embassy comment with regard to new accusations against Russia

Accusations of numerous cyber attacks (conducted without any meaningful purpose or result) that British authorities mount against Russia on a nearly daily basis form another cycle of their unprovoked malicious campaign.

We don’t see any reason to comment on the (missing) substance of these allegations. It has to be noted however that the UK is fully aware of the existing mechanisms of professional cooperation in case of suspicious cyber activity. Numerous countries, including Western ones, have established such cooperation with Russian. The UK has chosen to ignore those mechanisms.

Quite obviously, the task that London is setting itself is not to get to the bottom of the alleged cyber incidents, but to use this issue as part of a deliberate disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting Russia. The current cycle of this campaign coincides with the US Presidential election. The purpose is clear: to create extra ground for accusing Russia of “meddling into the election” as well as to prevent any possibility of improved Russia-US relations after the vote. At the same time, references to the Olympic Games in South Korea and Japan seek to spoil Russia’s constructive relations with those countries. This is hardly new, especially if one recalls the multiple efforts London has spent to draw a wedge between Russia and, for instance, Ukraine and Georgia.

These efforts are undermining Russian-British relations, but also Britain’s international standing.


20 October 2020, 12:45