Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning claims by British journalists of Russia’s refusal to cooperate in creation of a TV documentary on the Salisbury incident

Question: Authors of the “Panorama” TV documentary concerning the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, shown on 22 November on BBC One, claimed that they had offered the Russian government to present its point of view on this incident, but that this offer was declined. What’s the reason behind such position of Russia?

Answer: We have no information whether the film’s authors had sent any requests to any Russian governmental body. At least, the Embassy has not been contacted.

However, we must underline that Russia’s position on the Salisbury incident is well-known and has been publicly explained on multiple occasions and on various levels. The Embassy alone has arranged three major press conferences and a great number of interviews, published a special report on its website, and made dozens of statements and comments on various aspects of the Skripal incident. Not a single of those facts has been mentioned in the documentary.

We intend to get in touch with Jane Corbin in order to thoroughly brief her on Russia’s concerns in connection with the groundless accusations made by the British authorities, and on the dozens of questions raised before the British side through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which have been left unanswered for almost nine months.