Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning new anti-Russian statements by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Question: How would you comment on the new anti-Russian statements made by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Sunday at the annual Conservative Party conference in Birmingham?

Answer: We do not in the least wish to comment on another portion of the aggressive anti-Russian accusations made by Jeremy Hunt, which are a far cry from reality.

We would like to point out that as regards to the Salisbury incident we have to deal with the reckless position of the current British authorities, as they refuse without any substantial explanations, to cooperate with Russia on the investigation of the poisoning of the two Russian nationals on British soil. Moreover, the investigation is being conducted in a non-transparent way, the circumstances around this case have been classified, and the only information London provides is through leaks in the British media. We believe that such situation yet again confirms that the Tory government has something to conceal, as it is afraid of transparent and honest cooperation. This is the objective reality, which cannot be hidden behind emotional calls to “stand up to the aggressive Russia”.