Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning reports on activities of the “Integrity Initiative” project

Question: How would you comment on the media reports concerning activities in the framework of the British project “Integrity Initiative”?

Answer: We are aware of publications regarding the activities of this structure. They show that it has been partially funded by the British government, and that a number of programmes in sovereign European states aimed at demonisation of Russia’s image have been arranged in its framework. The Embassy has sent an official request to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office asking to confirm or deny the authenticity of the published documents, and to provide information on current and planned projects on Russia funded by the FCO.

Of course, it would be premature to make conclusions before an official response from the British authorities is received. However, at this point close scrutiny of the documents published leads to a conclusion that the activities in the framework of this project amount to a massive disinformation campaign against Russia, which follows the general anti-Russian policy of the Conservative government. In case this information is confirmed, it will be seen as hard proof of undisguised interference into internal matters of independent states, compared to the groundless accusations used by the British authorities to support their Russophobic policies.