Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning the accusations of “Russian involvement” in the cases of Scott Young and Alexander Perepilichny

Question: The Sunday Times articles today speculate on the possibility that, despite earlier claims, Mr Scott Young and Mr Alexander Perepilichny were killed, while also hinting at the alleged “Russian link”. How could the Embassy comment on that?

Answer: These and similar “sensations” follow the same traditional pattern.

As always, no official information is provided, only leaks in the media from unknown sources. Upon this rickety foundation, fancy theories are built, with a remarkably rich collection of modal verbs used.

And as always, publications appear on the eve of an important political event, such as Brexit deal vote. It is really hard to avoid the impression that we witness a pre-meditated political game to draw the public attention from the less glamorous sides of UK foreign and internal affairs.

Of course, every death must be investigated thoroughly and culprits brought to justice. But as the investigation of the Salisbury incident was politically motivated from the very first day, any information from that source is doomed to cause a healthy skepticism. The fact, that investigation of Perepelichny case is totally non-transparent, due to his links to UK secret services, doesn’t add much to the convincingness either. It is a story about many things, but not about justice.