Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning the anti-Russian remarks by the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Question: How would you comment on the anti-Russian remarks made by the UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt during his US visit?

Answer: Those statements follow the general line of the current Conservative government towards Russia. It is highly symbolic that Foreign Secretary Hunt has chosen the US Institute of Peace as a venue for his attacks. There is not much about peace. The UK authorities may prefer to continue their policy of scaremongering, using the so-called “Russian threat” in order to distract the British public from those urgent domestic and international problems the UK currently faces. But this “enemy search” is a flawed and shortsighted policy.

Its clear result is further undermining of the international authority of the country, who willfully closes channels for communication and thus loses opportunities for efficient cooperation with a wide range of states. This is done against the background of the declared “Global Britain” policy, aimed to demonstrate the British openness to the world.

We consider any tightening of sanctions to be illegitimate, dictated by a strive for global domination by means of protectionism and unfair competition. Today restrictive measures are aimed not only at Russia and a whole range of other countries. Allies are being as easily punished, in this regard the UK is not an exception.

This kind of policy cannot become a basis for international communication. It cannot serve as a foundation for a long-term course – sanctions mechanisms have their objective limitations due to the limited potential of the countries using them.