Embassy press officer’s reply to a media question concerning the inquiry into the death of Mr Nikolay Glushkov

Question: 12 September marks 6 months since the mysterious murder of the Russian national Nikolay Glushkov in London. Does the Embassy have any new information regarding the circumstances of his death?

Answer: Unfortunately, the British side continues to pay no attention to our numerous requests, including the official request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation for legal assistance in the criminal case opened in Russia into the death of Mr Nikolay Glushkov, which was delivered to the Home Office as early as in April. The Embassy’s proposals to arrange a meeting between the Russian Ambassador and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, or between experts from law enforcement authorities of the two countries, made as far back as in April, have also been met with silence.

By refusing to provide Russia with access to the investigation, the British authorities violate their obligations under the 1959 European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters.

Instead of joint work aimed at establishing the truth, the British side prefers the strategy of tabloid leaks, which further obfuscate the situation and mislead the British and international public. We have to note yet again that the policy of classifying incidents involving Russian nationals in the UK can only be reasonably explained as being driven by interests of British secret services.