Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning the investigation of the death of Nikolay Glushkov

Q.: 12 August marks five months since the mysterious death of the Russian citizen Nikolay Glushkov in London. Has any clarity been established in this case?

A.: Unfortunately, we have to state that no clarity has been established as the British authorities continue to ignore our requests. Since 26 April, when Assistant Commissioner of the Met Police Mr Neil Basu QPM informed us about the course of the investigation into Mr Glushkov’s death, only the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has contacted the Embassy with the request to address all correspondence on this case not to the police, as it was advised earlier, but to the FCO in the first instance.

There has been no interaction between law enforcement authorities as well. The request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation for legal assistance in the criminal case opened in Russia on the death of Mr Nikolay Glushkov has been considered by the Home Office since April. The British authorities have not responded to our previous suggestions to hold bilateral consultations between the investigators. The Russian side is being constantly denied access to the investigation of the death of the Russian citizen.

Such policy of the British authorities hampers establishing the truth and bringing those responsible to justice, and attests to the UK’s unwillingness to cooperate with Russia. Bypassing existing bilateral and international mechanisms of legal assistance constitutes a gross violation of international law, which inflicts irreparable damage to the UK’s reputation.

We will continue to demand that the British authorities provide exhaustive answers to our requests, as it follows from par.2 Article 61 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which guarantees the Russian citizens protection and patronage abroad.