Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning the investigation of the death of Nikolay Glushkov

Question: Does the Embassy have any new information regarding circumstances of the death of the Russian citizen Nikolay Glushkov in London on 12 March?

Answer: Unfortunately, we have to state once again that the British side continues to evade any sort of cooperation with Russia with regard to the investigation of Mr Glushkov’s death.

The British authorities continue to ignore our requests. After the Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommended to address all correspondence on this case not to the police but to the FCO, the Embassy has sent a respective Note Verbale. In this Note the Embassy once again proposed to arrange a meeting between Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko and the Met Police Commissioner Ms Cressida Rose Dick to discuss the ongoing investigation of Mr Glushkov’s death, and to hold bilateral consultation between the investigation officers. This request has been left unanswered as well.

More than 5 months have  passed since the death of the Russian citizen in London, but the Embassy still gets rationed new information on the “Nikolay Glushkov case” not from the British authorities, but from open sources, including police press statements and media publications.

Once again we have to state that the UK authorities continue to violate their international obligations and refuse access to the investigation materials concerning the death of the Russian citizen, which is perceived by the British side as a murder. Such disregard of international law, which is also observed in other cases, has seemingly become a common practice in the UK.