Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question concerning the new US sanctions against Russia in relation to the Salisbury incident

Question: How does the Embassy assess the introduction of the new US sanctions following the accusations that Russia is responsible for the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury?

Answer: It seems as if the US, as it was in the case of the Russian diplomats’ expulsion in March, has come to the rescue of London in their double game, while the British authorities are unable to present any credible evidence in support of their argument that Russia is responsible for the Salisbury incident. It has been publicly claimed for a long time that the decision of the Western bloc countries to expel Russian diplomats attests to Russia’s guilt in the Salisbury incident. The same logic is exploited herein: if the US is imposing new anti-Russian sanctions for the Salisbury incident, then a critical mass of evidence that allows to act in such way has been allegedly accumulated. At the same time the US itself, according to our Embassy in Washington, “refused to answer our follow-up questions, claiming that the information is classified”.

Apparently the US has exhausted all the excuses for new sanctions against Russia. Now they decided to resort to the classified information, which can never be verified or openly presented in court. We regret that the US actively supports absolutely non-transparent policy of the British authorities regarding the investigation of the Salisbury incident.

Finally, the British authorities’ groundless accusations against Russia as well as the new US sanctions are aimed at exerting pressure on the ongoing investigation. This is, perhaps, the reason why the public has no information about this inquiry as it may differ from what British and US officials are stating.