Embassy press officer’s reply to a media question on British media reports on Russian “collusion” with the Taliban in Afghanistan

Question: How would you comment on the recent reports in British media that Russia supposedly offered “bounty” to the Taliban to kill UK as well as US soldiers in Afghanistan?

Answer: The British media seems to enjoy repeated speculations on various “secret deals” between Russia and the Taliban. Those bogus stories follow the same pattern: anonymous sources accuse our country of certain hostile actions, with no arguments or details provided, nor a shred of evidence. In other words, we are dealing with a work of fiction.

The goal of such publications, besides contributing – one way or another – to the US domestic political intrigues, is to rekindle interest in mythical “Russian threats” amidst challenging social processes and debates at home. At the same time the aim is to divert attention from the allies’ failures in their nearly 20-year-old Afghan campaign by attempting to shift responsibility for the deteriorating situation on the ground to those who have nothing to do with it.

29 June 2020, 17:20