Embassy Press Officer’s reply to a media question on UK approach to the reconstruction of Syria and repatriation of the refugees

Question: How would you comment on the UK approaches to the reconstruction of Syria and repatriation of the refugees?

Answer: Unfortunately, the UK continues to follow the overall pattern of Western policy of obstruction that Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov was talking about yesterday at the press-conference following the meeting with his Lebanese colleague Gebran Bassil. He said that the “US was making a contribution to Syria’s restoration; however, it was limited to the areas occupied by the opposition groups that were not always constructive”. Unfortunately, these words are fully applicable to the UK participation in that process. We have to acknowledge that London still prefers to provide assistance only to the Syrian regions under control of the militant opposition and jihadists groups.

The UK does not show any interest in the repatriation of the Syrian refugees. This is likely to be due to the desire to manipulate those vulnerable people in order to continue pressure on the Syrian government. Apparently, refugees are meant to be kept under the Western influence.

Such obstructive policy of the UK government is in contradiction with the aspirations of the Syrian people, their wish for the soonest possible return to a peaceful living in their homeland. We believe that sooner or later life itself will make London change its position. Otherwise, the UK risks to be left out of the Syrian peace settlement.