Entry to Russia for non-UK citizens, living in the UK.

           At the moment, in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 24.07.2020 No. 1915-r non-UK citizens have the right to enter the Russian Federation from the UK through air border crossings of the Russian Federation only if they hold a residence permit or another document, confirming the right of permanent residence in the UK.

           Residence-permit cards or stickers in the passport must be presented upon check-in in the airport and upon border control in Russia. A printed version from the Home Office web-site confirming the settled-status, especially for the EU citizens, can also be accepted. In this case the printout should be certified by a notary/solicitor, proving thus the authenticity of the data granting the right of permanent residence.

           Unfortunately, if you do not hold a document certifying the right of permanent residence in the UK under the above Government order, it is not possible neither to apply for a Russian visa, nor to enter the Russian Federation, flying from London, on a visa-free basis (if appropriate).

           If it is not possible to certify the document in hand, we would also recommend to contact the Home Office for the necessary advice.