Extended suspension of flights from the UK to Russia

The Government of the Russian Federation has decided to extend the suspension of flights from the UK to Russia until 23 h 59 min of 16 April 2021. Such decision is still related to the need of protecting public health in Russia.

The Russian Visa Application Center is currently open. Applying for visa is possible, but there are no flights to Russia until the date mentioned above. Please, bear in mind before planning your trip that resuming of flights may be postponed further on depending on COVID situation in the UK. In this regard, no visa extension or visa fee compensation is provided by the law. We would recommend to apply for visa at maximum term, whenever it is possible (for example, private visas for family visits may be up to 3 months).

We would like to remind, that restrictions for entering the Russian Federation for British citizens and foreign nationals, living in the UK with a residence document, provide their travel to Russia only by direct flight from the UK. No transit flights are allowed, unless the person is subject toGovernment exceptions.