Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's comment on UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt's anti-Russian claims

Question: UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged European partners to slap their own sanctions on Russia in connection with the Salisbury incident. Could you comment on this?

Sergey Lavrov: As for Britain, I heard the statements by the new UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who, as far as I understand, is heading for Washington. He declared that he would try to persuade President Trump to toughen sanctions against Russia. London is pressing the same thing in relations with Europeans, citing the Salisbury incident, which has not yet been investigated. A while ago, Secretary Hunt was asked in Britain if any progress had been made in identifying the suspects. He did not know what to say to his own journalists.

Our British colleagues have a fairly high opinion of themselves. The country that is leaving the EU – the so-called Brexit – is trying to dictate EU foreign policy. And now it appears that London wants to dictate Washington’s policy towards Russia as well.

We have repeatedly urged our British colleagues to come to the negotiating table, lay down all their concerns and figure out where we are in our relations. The response was a haughty refusal. Our proposal stands. Neither on the issue of the investigation of the Salisbury incident, nor on any other matter that the British side is trying to spin in an anti-Russian way, can there be any “highly likely” any more. Lay the facts on the table, please.