Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s comment on the criminal charges brought against Russian citizens by the American authorities

The US administration has once again made news with another anti-Russia attack, accusing our government agencies of malicious activities in the field of information and communications technology.

First, Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the US Department of Justice John Demers announced the filing of criminal charges against six Russian nationals allegedly employed by the Russian special services, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seconding that statement.

As usual, no evidence has been presented, except for the hackneyed phrases about Russia’s “implication” in a wide range of destructive activities in the information landscape.

We categorically reject this kind of speculation. Russian state agencies have nothing to do with any malicious activity on the internet, as Washington is trying to portray. It is obvious that there are opportunistic political considerations behind this move, the US Russophobic forces’ interest in keeping the “Russian threat” theme afloat in the midst of the US presidential election campaign.

Our position on building interaction in cyber affairs has been repeatedly announced, including at the highest level. In particular, it is spelled out in the statement by the President of Russia of September 25, 2020 on a comprehensive programme of measures to restore Russian-American cooperation in international information security.

We can only regret that, judging by the US high-ranking officials’ rhetoric, our approaches are not shared; our partners are not ready for cooperation on an equal and mutually respectful basis.

We would like to emphasise that the statements by the representative of the US Department of Justice, who referred to the aforementioned statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin as “cynical propaganda,” were, in fact, Washington’s first public response to our call for cooperation. It is indicative that the Americans chose to respond to the Russian leader’s proposal at the level of a deputy head of a federal department, not even a specialised one.