Letter in response to The Times by the Embassy Press Secretary, 21 February 2020

Dear Sir,

We cannot help but notice, apart from the usual white noise in British media about Russia's «behaviour» not living up to someone's endless row of expectations, several particularly ill-advised attempts to question the integrity and reputation of the UN and other officials of Russian descent. Such allegations were made, among others, in a letter by Andrew Foxall, Director of the Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, published in The Times on January 16.

We believe this sort of speculations to be not only groundless defamation, as the piece does not offer any details or evidence, but also particularly unfair, taking into account huge disproportions in the quantity of Russian senior representatives in the UN versus their Western counterparts. In fact, Russia is currently holding only 19 senior positions at the United Nations, while UK representatives are occupying 53. 116 senior positions being held by the US help to further grasp the full scale of this disproportion. Since 2017 the UN Secretary-General has appointed 145 new Deputies and Assistants, of which native English-speaking representatives accounted for almost 50%.

Let me assure you that we will step up our efforts to promote our seasoned experts as well as young professionals to the international organisations. With regard to the UN it is only fair in view of our longstanding strong commitment to the organisation and our global role and expertise in a wide range of key international issues. Overflowing desire by some to isolate Russia cannot guide multilateral decision-making processes.

Kind regards,

Ilya Erofeev

Press Secretary


21 February 2020


The initial material (letter by Andrew Foxall, Director of the Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society) can be found via the following link: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/russias-blatant-war-on-the-west-must-go-unchallenged-no-longer-svx5r5g8j