On new regulation concerning purposes of travel to Russia.

A Decree of the Russian Foreign Ministry from 21 December 2020 No. 23235, approving a new list of travel purposes for issuing visas to foreign citizens, entered into the force on 7 February 2021.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that a business visa for the purpose of a "maintenance" trip is no longer issued. A work visa would be issued, instead, for the purpose of the trip "installation work". This visa can only be single / double-entry and is issued for up to 90 days to foreign citizens who are employees of foreign legal entities (manufacturers or suppliers) performing installation (installation supervision) works, service and warranty maintenance, as well as post-warranty repairs of technical equipment supplied to the Russian Federation. Entry to Russia on a work visa for the purpose of "installation work" falls under the exceptions to restrictions on entry into the country (i.e., you can fly in transit through a third country), provided that the employer of the invited specialist included him in the list of the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Their family members are no longer issued respective visas to enter the Russian Federation.

Family members of foreign citizens are no longer issued study and humanitarian visas for the purpose of traveling “accompanying family member”. They need to apply for single / double-entry private visas for the purpose of a "guest" trip for up to 90 days, which are issued on the basis of invitations to enter the Russian Federation issued by the territorial authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia by the request of educational institutions or other legal entities.

Instead of the previous purposes of trip "commercial", "negotiations", "receiver", "lecturer", and other business visas are issued for the purpose of "business" for any business travel.

Business visas for the purpose of a "crew member" trip are issued to foreign citizens entering the Russian Federation only as crew members of sea or river vessels and ferries, as well as employees of train, refrigerator and locomotive crews on international trains. Aircraft crew members are issued business visas with «business» purpose.