Remarks by Ambassador Yakovenko at the opening of Russian Art Week and presentation of model of Shukhov Tower at GRAD gallery, London, 30 May 2014

I am delighted to welcome you to the official opening of the Russian Art Week. It happens twice a year in June and November. This time it is held within the framework of the Russian-British Year of Culture.

The Year of Culture is a complex, large-scale bilateral initiative. It takes place for the first time ever. Its main goal is to strengthen the bridges between our countries and bring our ties to a new level of connectivity, engaging new dimensions and areas of contacts.

Russian culture is very diverse, and one always stands a good chance of discovering something new. Today we have an opportunity to get acquainted with a fantastic example of Russian engineering culture – the model of the Shukhov Tower. Constructed in the beginning of the XX century by one of the most prominent Russian engineers Vladimir Shukhov as a multi-functional radio tower, it was a huge leap forward in communications technology, but its unique design made it as well a piece of art and part of Russia’s cultural heritage. The model of the tower is going to be transferred to the London Science Museum and will become its exhibit.

I am happy to welcome Mr Vladimir Shukhov, the grandson of our great engineer, who came directly from Moscow specially to present the model of the tower at today’s event.

I would like to thank Theodora Clarke - the editor of Russian Art & Culture website - for initiating today’s event and for promoting Russian culture in the UK.

By the way, congratulations to the Russian Art & Culture website on being recognised as one of the top ten websites in Great Britain at the recent UK Blog Awards!

Also, special thanks to the GRAD gallery and personally Elena Sudakova for hosting this event. I hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you.