Remarks by Ambassador Yakovenko at the opening of Russia's stand at the London Book Fair-2014

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am delighted to welcome you to the London Book Fair-2014. It is quite remarkable that Moscow has been chosen as the Spotlight City of this year’s fair. This complex and large-scale initiative takes place for the first time ever. Its main goal is to strengthen the bridges between different countries and bring our ties to a new level of connectivity, engaging new dimensions and areas of contacts. It is going to be an impressive cultural celebration working for mutual cultural enrichment and promotion of people-to-people contacts.

Russia and Britain are countries of great literatures. But not less significant are long traditions of book reading and book printing, which keep developing. Here you may find the latest examples of the Russian book industry. Like Russian culture, it is very diverse, and one always stands a good chance of discovering something new. I hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you.