Resuming flights between Russia and the UK


Since the flights between the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom have resumed from 1 August and due to arising questions from those, who want to travel from London to Moscow, we would like to draw your attention to some points, related to the entry of foreign citizens to the Russian Federation.

As you know, due to the pandemic COVID-19 the Russian Federation amid other countries has imposed restrictions on entering its territory. The decision of the Government of the Russian Federation to lift these restrictions for several countries, including the UK, does not mean automatically that any foreign citizen from any country can enter the Russian Federation using London as a transit point to fly to Moscow. This particularly concerns transit passengers from different countries.

Currently, speaking about the UK, such restrictions have been lifted regarding only British citizens and those, who live in the UK with a residence permit or another official document, confirming their permanent residence in the UK. Other foreign citizens being in the UK on a temporary basis do not have the right either to apply for a Russian visa in the UK or to travel to Russia from London even holding a valid visa, unless he is subject to be exempted from the above mentioned restrictions.

We strongly advise to check beforehand at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence, whether a particular person is allowed to enter the Russian Federation flying from London.

In order to be accepted for boarding the plane to Russia, all foreign citizens have to provide a printed medical document (in English or Russian) confirming the negative PCR test for COVID-19, passed not earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival to Russia. They will be also asked to show it upon arrival at the border control. I would like to underline that the document must be printed out. SMS or any other form of confirmation on the mobile phone will not be accepted. Moreover, if this document is in another language, it should be translated into Russian and certified by the respective Russian Consulate.

Those foreign citizens, who are coming to Russia with a visa for permanent work, besides that, will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival.

You can find all necessary information and respective links on the website of the Russian Embassy in London in Visa and Consular Services questions. Please, bear in mind that not complying with these conditions is at your own risk and responsibility.

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