Russia’s contribution to Iran nuclear talks (Ambassador Yakovenko, for Russia Today)

Following the recent talks between the P5+1 and Iran, a framework political agreement on the final settlement of Iran’s nuclear program has been reached.
This success, which still has to be built upon, is based on a principle formulated by President Vladimir Putin, namely, recognition of Iran’s unquestionable right to conduct a peaceful nuclear program, including uranium enrichment, under international control in exchange for lifting all sanctions imposed on Iran.
All the subsequent steps, too, will be taken according to this principle of reciprocity and step-by-step approach. At the same time Russian experts contributed to international efforts by proposing some key technical solutions that helped bridge the differences and find middle ground.
The solution found in Lausanne will strengthen the legal framework of international relations and is a vivid proof that the most difficult issues and crises can be resolved through political and diplomatic efforts. This is the main point we have been seeking to make.
The current tension with the West notwithstanding, Russia is interested in continuing constructive cooperation on the Iranian nuclear dossier. Iran is our long-standing neighbor and we have many interests in common in the Caspian Sea, fighting terrorism, and preventing the Sunni-Shiite rift in the Islamic world. We hope that the future agreement will allow Iran to engage in a fruitful economic and trade cooperation with its partners, including Russia. It also is clear that the agreement will have a positive effect on security in the Middle East. We have contributed too much political capital into the Lausanne deal to allow anyone to undermine it.