UEFA EURO 2020 matches in Saint-Petersburg

Foreign spectators planning to visit Saint-Petersburg should apply online (www.fan-id.ru) for a FAN ID for entering/leaving the Russian Federation on a visa-free basis and attending the matches. The previously issued FAN IDs will neither be valid for accessing the stadium nor for entering/leaving the Russian Federation. They should be updated online.

The FAN ID with a valid passport entitles foreign spectators to a multi-entry travel to Russia from 29 May till 2 July. They can also leave Russia multiple times from 29 May till 12 July. But one should bear in mind that COVID travel restrictions such as PCR-test still apply. A vaccination certificate (no matter what vaccine) does not substitute the PCR-test.

Entering the Russian Federation is also possible with a FAN ID electronic form. However, it does not grant access to the stadium. The laminated FAN ID should be received in a distribution center in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. Please, check as well, whether it is possible to receive the FAN ID in the Russian Visa Center in London.

You can find more information about the FAN ID on www.fan-id.ru.